Low-level Laser Therapy:



Also referred to as Cold Laser Therapy (CLT), we use Q1000 Laser along with the 660 and 808 Enhancer probes that non-invasively and painlessly penetrate deep into the body with visible and invisible light. This process works by stimulating muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones, joints and soft tissue that have been injured or damaged in some way.

The Q laser system re-energizes the damaged cell membrane and enhances nutrient absorption, resulting in faster healing and healthier cells, and a healthier body. This is recommended for sports injury since it is a treatment that can be done immediately with very little time needed.

The application of laser light (no heat) to injured, damaged or dysfunctional tissues or other areas of the body will activate and/or stimulate healing. It will also reduce pain and inflammation, release muscle spasms, relieve arthritic of injured joints and speed up the healing process.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) can be added to any of your other treatments for added benefits!

SPECIAL: 15-minute session is $35. 30-minute session is $55. Limit one location\area of body per session. Call us today for details!